Okamoto Custom Ice Studio

Casa Dragones is collaborating with Shintaro Okamoto of Okamoto Studio in New York, renowned for his high-quality sculptural ice. “If you have such a quality spirit like Dragones, to dilute that with conventional ice is not ideal,” Okamoto said. When served on the rocks, Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco’s delicate citrus notes open and expand, delivering warm hints of pepper and cloves on the palate, and a crisp, light finish with hints of almonds and a bright aftertaste.

#DragonesRocks emphasizes the use of exceptional ice, which allows for minimal dilution, and the purest, cleanest flavor when serving Casa Dragones Blanco on the rocks. “With the addition of ice, Casa Dragones Blanco opens up and the flavors are released,” said Jim Meehan of PDT. The grapefruit peel aroma continues to shine through, with the addition of cilantro and pear. The taste of cinnamon joins the pepper, cloves and semi-sweet agave, and at the finish, hints of star anise appear.”

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